Power flushing

Power flushing removes these deposits and the problems that they cause such as:

  • Noise from boiler
  • Poor or no hot water
  • High fuel bills
  • Boiler failure
  • Cold spots on radiators
  • Blocked radiators
  • Radiators slow to heat up

What is a power flush?

We use special chemical solutions to cleanses your central heating system by removing deposits left from corrosion & sludge inside your pipes. if left untreated the build up will slowly cause your system to malfunction.

Our power flush service removes the sludge in your heating system, preventing blockages and central heating inefficiency. This will mean that your heating system can work more efficiently, whilst prolonging the life of your heating system.


How long does a power flush service take?
It all depends on the size of your heating system
Example of 3 bed house with a vented system

  • upto 5 hours
  • cost approx. £xxx

Who should perform a power flush?
We always advise a qualified professional to carry out your power flush service. We take great care in the service and have all the specialist chemicals and equipment that a power flush requires.
How much does a power flush cost?
The cost of a power flush can vary depending on the size of your system. To get an accurate, no obligation quote for the cost of a power flush for your system by calling us today on 0786 8533 536.


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